Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Data

Design Population: 120,000 persons

Design Flow: 12 million gallons per day

Influent BOD: 210 mg / l, (21,000 lbs / day)

Influent Suspended Solids: 210 mg / l, (21,000 lbs / day)

Effluent BOD: 10 mg / l (1,000 lbs / day)

Effluent Suspended Solids: 12 mg / l (1,200 lbs / day)

Fecal Coliform: 400/100 ml

Biosolids Stabilization Level: Class B


Service Area

The Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District (Formerly the Hinsdale Sanitary District) was formed under the 1917 Sanitary Act of Illinois Statutes for the purpose of conveying and treating wastewater. Two 60 inch diameter and one 42 inch diameter sewers convey wastewater from a twenty-four (24) square mile service area to the wastewater treatment facility. FCWRD owns and operates 22 remote lift stations in the service area.



7001 North Frontage Road, Burr Ridge, IL